Air Transport

Air Transport

Official carrier

Air Senegal is the official carrier for the 70th ACI Africa Board and Committee Meetings and Regional Conference and Exhibition, Dakar, October 14-20, 2023.

Discount 15% Air Senegal

How to benefit from the 15% discount on Air Sénégal for the ACI Conference:

  • The participant accesses the Air Sénégal S.A. website ,and creates his reservation at the published available fare, he retrieves the reference of his reservation file, without however going to the ticket purchase option.
  • The participant sends his booking reference to to apply the 15% discount to the fare obtained by the participant.
  • The Air Senegal support team modifies the fare obtained by the participant with a 15% reduction, by adding a code to the reservation and confirms to the participant via his/her e-mail address, the new amount to be paid. The deadline for issuing the ticket will also be sent to the participant.
  • The participant then accesses the Air Sénégal S.A. website with the booking reference and proceeds to purchase the ticket.
    Note: Only bookings made for flights between October 12 (arrival in Dakar) and October 24 (departure from Dakar) will benefit from the 15% discount.

Flight details

For your welcome to the airport and transportation to the conference hotels ad back to the Airport, please provide us with your flight details on the following link :