B2B Networking Session with African Airport Leaders / Representatives

What is ACI Africa’s new B2B networking?

B2B Networking ACI Africa has always valued interpersonal communication and emotional engagement as key to forging new business relationships, unlocking potential opportunities and paving the way for concrete business dealings and projects

So far, ACI Africa has concentrated its networking platforms at its conferences through social interactions during coffee breaks, lunches, cocktails, gala dinners and social activities, and B2C networking at the exhibitions.

Based on these feedbacks, ACI Africa has come up with an exclusive B2B networking session with a matchmaking format. This B2B networking will seek to promote new as well as strengthen existing bilateral relationships between airports and business partners, involving a higher level of responsibility and advanced decision-making.

Format of the B2B networking?

The B2B networking will allow airport members and business partners to schedule beforehand one-on-one meetings of duration 15 minutes each during the dedicated 3-hour networking session. Depending on available slots, two consecutive meeting slots may also be scheduled, if required.

This result-oriented format will give the participants full control and flexibility on their networking options with respect to their target audience, time of meetings, topics of discussion/dealing and interacting panel.

When and where?

The first B2B networking will be held at the 63rd ACI Africa Board & Committee Meetings and Regional Conference & Exhibition in Mombasa, Kenya on Sunday 15 March 2020 between 14h00 and 17h00 at the Conference hotel, PrideInn Paradise Beach Resort, Convention Centre and Spa. The exact venue will be communicated in due course.

How to schedule an appointment?

ACI Africa will facilitate and manage the scheduled appointments between airport leaders/representatives and business partners/sponsors.
ACI Africa will contact all airports and business partners/sponsors willing to participate in the B2B networking session on 15 March 2020. A list of participants in the B2B networking will then be made available to all concerned as from 17 February 2020 and this list will regularly be updated with new attendees thereafter.

Participating airports will have a dedicated table in the networking room. The number of tables will depend on the number of participating airports. Business partners / sponsors can book appointments with participating airports through ACI Africa by email (RBhoyroo@aci-africa.aero).
The meeting slots available will be in the format shown below and will be updated every week as from week 17 February 2020 to show the scheduled meetings and the available slots.

Free B2B networking platform for ACI Africa members

The B2B networking is free for all ACI Africa airport members and business partners/sponsors.
Non-members and non-business partners of ACI Africa can still participate in the B2B networking session at an all-inclusive fee of Euro 500. For more information, kindly contact ACI Africa at nkarbal@aci-africa.aero.

Contact us for further information

For enquiries on the event, as well as exhibition and sponsorship opportunities, please contact:
Mr. Ali Tounsi
Secretary General
ACI Africa
Mrs. Nezha Karbal
Logistics & Event Manager
ACI Africa